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Alliance of Web Developers

American Association of Physics Teachers

American Military Surgeons of the United States

American Society of Addiction Medicine

American Wind Energy Associaion

Association for Career & Technical Education

Independent Sector

Nuclear Energy Institute

The Membership Consultant

Wine America


Pre-employment inquiries concerning

race, color, religion, sex, or national origin

do not constitute violations of Title VII

in and of themselves. Some state laws,

however, expressly prohibit such inquiries

and may also deem it improper to seek

related information that could indirectly

reveal the answers to these questions.

Even under Title VII, moreover, posing

such questions often leads to the inference that the employer used the information obtained for illegal purposes. For this reason, these inquiries should clearly be avoided as they are not job-related.

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staffing solutions

Our clients range from the small, two-person shop to the association with hundreds on the staffing team.   Let us cater a solution specific to your business needs and budget.


Temporary & Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Our associates range from entry level association staff to senior executive leadership. At Association Temps we understand the need to sometimes wear more than one hat; we train our associates rise to the occasion.    We have associates ready with expertise in the following areas:


Conferences, Meetings & Registration


Executive Office

Finance and Administration


Marketing and Communications


Strategic Direction


Direct Hires

Unlike the traditional search firm, Association Temps has a pool of pre-screened professionals that await their perfect association fit.  Our great association/great employee match program allows us to typically find the perfect person for your organization in record time.


Data Entry Projects

When you have a data entry project that requires the highest level of accuracy and a rapid turnaround, call Association Temps.  At Association Temps we understand that accurate data contributes greatly to the success of your organization.  Even the slightest slip of the finger can result in a decrease in revenue.  Our associates have experience using many of the most widely used association management systems (AMS) including iMIS, Avectra, Personify and Access.  While we strive for perfection, we are human, which is why we run various data exception reports to catch errors and anomalies.  You can trust us with your data entry projects in your office or ours!


We also provide a vast array of consultant services from Membership Marketing to Website Development & Marketing. 


Consultant Services

Membership Auditing

Communicating the Value Proposition

Strategic Membership Marketing Planning

Direct Mail Acquisition

Membership Retention

Lapsed Member Telemarketing

Online Presence Development

Information Technology




Association Temps, Inc.



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